The Bloody Northerner ($3.50)

Our Bloody Northener
Our Bloody Northerners are hard as nails and packed full of flavor and we’ll knack anyone who says differently.
Warning : Contains green stuff as well as meat and things that might cause allergies.

Exclusive to our Sunday Lunch line-up we are proud to offer The Bloody Northerner.

Our unique take on the classic Bloody Mary is made with real Battambang Blaze hot sauce and garnished with our very own homemade Pickled Garlic, Vanny’s Pork Scratchings and Pickled Onions.

The Main Event (from $8.00)
Our Sunday Roasts
Our Sunday Roasts

Every Sunday from 1pm we serve “The Best Damned Roast In Phnom Penh”.

With a choice of either delicious locally sourced Roast Pork or Chicken ($8.00) or our succulent New Zealand Lamb or Aussie Sirloin Beef (only $10.00) our Sunday lunches are second to none.

Our roasts are all served with both mashed and roasted potatoes, fresh seasonal vegetables, REAL Yorkshire puddings and our awesome 4 meat and red wine gravy.

Don’t forget to ask about our amazing homemade TBO Mango or TBO Tomato and Onion chutneys; they make a great accompaniment to any meal..

A vegetarian option is available on request for $5.00.

The Encore ($3.50)

Our dessert menu changes weekly but we try and keep a few favorites on rotation.

Our homemade Ice-creams including The Box Office exclusive TBO Salted Chilli Mango (ft. Battambang Blaze) or (not for kids) Fuzzy Logic Hard Lemon Sorbet and TBO Rum Raisin are always a favorite.

The Sunday Matinee

Movie Poster

Feel free to join us for a free moving showing from 2pm on both the big screen upstairs (with full digital surround sound) or a little quieter on the bar screens.

We try as hard as we can to make sure the films are family friendly, but if you have any concerns feel free to ask or make your own movie suggestion.

Be advised in the event we have multiple requests made Nicolas Cage films will always be given a priority.

Our Promise

All our dishes (including the Bloody Northerner) are made using locally sourced ingredients and real Kampot Pepper and Fleur de Sel from our friends at Bo Tree Pepper Farm, Kampot.

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